Monday, 9 June 2014

Just can't wait to get on the road again*...

At long last I have now booked my high-end accommodation down route: the usual mix of chains like Formule 1 and privately owned hotels which I hope are all relatively cyclist-friendly. Mind you, my requirements aren't exactly demanding: at the sore end of 140 heavy miles all you want is a shower, beer, food, somewhere safe to store the bike and a bed. If they can throw in a pair of new legs'n'lungs and derriere then so much the better!
(*A complete lie, hah-hah!)

Stage 1: Fri July 11th, Warton to Rugeley. 105 miles and 3500'.

"千里之行,始於足下", as the great Chinese philosopher Laozi said. Of course you'll recognise his "...every thousand mile journey begins with a small step" quote instantly, right?
Daft coincidence time: there's almost exactly the same amount of climbing on the way out as there is in the six Ventoux ascents.

Stage 2: Sat 12th July, Rugeley to London. 145 miles and 4000'.

Would you believe it? The very night I'm in The Smoke, Mr Neil Young will be deafening 70,000 punters in Hyde Park (not to mention Eminem at Wembley Stadium or Robbie Williams at the O2 Arena). I'm staying about 100 yards from the Royal Albert Hall but the live turn on there is a bit high-brow for me. If I was able, I'd go and see Shakey tear-up the Royal Park...

Stage 3: Sun 13th July, London to Dover. 90 miles and 4000'.

Bit of a schoolboy error made when I booked my ferry from Dover to Calais...didn't remember that it is the World Cup final that evening. Will get to see the first half I hope, but I don't expect to be seeing England there either. More chance of them being on the ferry, to be fair. (Memo to P & O: please, please, please show BBC coverage! #noChiles #noTyldesley #noTownsend.)

Stage 4: Mon 14th July, Calais to Saint-Quentin. 125 miles and 4000'.

I hope to be able to stop-off at a WW1 monument around Arras. 100 years ago since all that horror began...

Stage 5: Tues 15th July, Saint-Quentin to Saint-Dizier. 130 miles and 3500'.

Stage 6: Weds 16th July, Saint-Dizier to Dijon. 120 miles and 3500'.

Don't ask me why I'm taking this particular routeing: I've placed all my faith in Google to get me pointing in the right direction. Worked alright last year. Apart from the time that I was stopped by the German motorway cops...

Stage 7: Thurs 17th July, Dijon to Vienne. 145 miles and 4000'.

To be honest, up to now I have fixated only on the ridiculous '24 hours of Ventoux' side of this challenge and have forgotten just how grim the long transit days will be, and I am out of my '120 miles max' comfort zone on most days. You'd have have to be a complete eejit to underestimate or be blase about undertaking this, ahem...

Stage 8: Fri 18th July, Vienne to Carpentras. 130 miles and 2500'.

As you can see there are two long stages to get into Carpentras on the Friday, one week after setting-off on this nonsense. I really hope that the weather is kind...any chance of a stonking tailwind? Oh well, just thought I'd ask. Might get a set of these bad-boys fitted:

Aero-bars can add 2 or 3 mph to your average speed...

A great, big thank you to you generous people who've donated already. It is a big gee-up to keep on getting out there to train!

The sorry after-effects of attempting intervals on Waddington Fell.

The links are just below and I will give £1 for every £5 that you do. Aside from that, there is one other thing that would help, if you can do it...please share this blog and/or the JG links with your pals/acquaintances/enemies. Cheers!

To support CANCER RESEARCH UK please click on this...thanks!

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Fairly sure there won't be any sightings of Ms Crow.

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