Thursday, 19 June 2014

Bracket & Tubby!

Another week, another blog post with only the faintest whiff of contractural obligation around it, hah-hah! No's all filler, no killer! Or something like that...

So it was Crockett & Tubbs? Whatever...none more 80s.

With only 3 (yes, three) weeks until wagons roll, training continues and I have been lucky with pretty decent weather which means that I have zero excuses not to get out there and do a bit. It's never too late, right? 
Last Saturday there was a little venture into the hurt locker that is the Forest Of Bowland: I think I escaped with a score draw...

Deceptively benign looking. Do not be fooled.

Terrific views thrown-in, gratis.

And after a shoeing on the fell, you can descend and collapse in Waddington!

These two eejits had gotten themselves up there but weren't clear on how to get down.

With my lame efforts I had displeased the Cycling Gods. Retribution came in the shape of a great big staple!

Minor mechanical shenanigans occurred this week with the demise of another bottom bracket: I'd like to say that is a result of the Wiggins-like amount of power that I'm generating. Truth would be more like that FSA components are garbage, hah-hah! Anyway, better to get all this nonsense sorted now.

At the risk of stating the bleedin' obvious, it is in my best interests to carry as little weight up Ventoux as I can, and to this end I have cut-out curries, fish'n'chips and the like, as well as cutting right back on beer and wine. Worst half-hour of my life I tells ya', and just what you want to be doing when there is a fairly important, televised football tournament taking place, hah-hah! Anyway, I go to weigh myself after a week or so and there is no flippin' difference! Just to add insult, I got this guff through my letterbox:

Love you too, 'Slimming World'. Now clear off.

On the plus side, the very bloke whose mantra that I have nicked for the title of this challenge, was good enough to 'RT' my appeal on Twitter. All this means is that potentially the 160,000 people who follow Jens Voight have the opportunity to have a look at this blog and perhaps be minded to donate. 

I'm on the right.

All well and good and duly the amount of people who did look at the blog sky-rocketed for a day or so. Not one of the cheap b*****ds sponsored me, hah-hah! Tells you all you need to know about the quality of the blog, I suppose. No matter, because the totals are rising and I cannot thank you enough on behalf of the RBL and CRUK.

In case you ever get to wondering about what good your money does, I can offer you this: I talked to someone the other day who had recently been given an 'all clear' after treatment for a particular strain of cancer. They had been told that they were fortunate not to have gotten the disease a decade ago as the treatment then was a great deal more unpleasant and debilitating. So your money does make a difference. Good on you!

The totals are coming along: on behalf of the RBL & CRUK: thank you!

Right, time to suffer Chiles, Tyldesley & Townsend and watch England ease Uruguay aside*...cheers!

Never mind bottom brackets, *this*  is what I should be getting fitted. Nice idea Mark!

The links are just below and I will give £1 for every £5 that you do. Aside from that, there is one other thing that would help, if you can do it...please share this blog and/or the JG links with your pals/acquaintances/enemies. Cheers!

To support CANCER RESEARCH UK please click on this...thanks!

To help the The ROYAL BRITISH LEGION please click on this!

(*Result may vary. D'oh!)

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