Saturday, 12 July 2014

What have The Romans ever done for us? Stage 2: Rugeley to the R.A.H.

Here at last! Blogness ahoy...

Still quality. I salud their arrow-straight roads...that's what! On with the tale of the day...

A welcome full English and wagons roll for day is already fantastic! I don't think that I'll be cycling on roads like this for too much longer...

Sorta wakes you up when some loon comes steaming down the track.

Call it a coincidence or serendipity or blind ignorance, but I had no clue that the RBL's National Memorial Arboretum was close at hand. Unfortunately I had zero time to spare to visit it.

Some other time, I hope.

Well, it is the 12th day of July.

The initial plan (yeah, I'm as surprised as you that the merest semblance of any planning might have gone into this) was to be met by Andy and also Martin, who would've been coming up from the south coast to RV. In the event neither of these shirkers weighed-in. Disgrace. Nah, child care/family cobblers ranks slightly above being given a shoeing on the A5! I don't have kids but even I was trying to think of an excuse myself...

I elected to ride the A5 because it would shave 10 miles off the day: I knew that it is a fast road but I had no problems from either HGVs or civilians.

Always a welcome sign when your destination is under a ton to go!

Keep moving. There's nothing to see here.

It was certainly a tad warm at times: between 75-85F...Evian & Volvic did a steady trade, as did Yahoo chocolate milk. That's living alright!

A slight navigational pfaff let me see this nonsnese in a village called Crick. No, really.

And to think that I used to watch that cobblers...

From the A5 it was onto the Watling Road and then the interminable rumble/crawl through London to tonight's cosmopolitan acco in Imperial College. Pretty close to one of my favourite venues too...

A unique venue. Just don't get thirsty!

I wish that I had the energy to go to Hyde Park to see Neil Young but it just ain't a go-er. With any luck I may be able to hear the old curmudgeon! Sleep well...I know that I will. Cheers!

                                   DAY TWO'S ROMAN NUMERALS!

I will give £10 for every £50 that you do. Aside from that, there is one other thing that would help, if you can do it...please share this blog and/or the JG links with your pals/acquaintances/enemies.