Friday, 11 July 2014

Werewolves Of London...Stage 1: Warton to Rugeley.

Yeah, yeah...title song doesn't have today's destination but if you have ever seen 'An American Werewolf In London' then it might click...either way, this is a belter! I can't recommend Zevon highly enough.

Wagons roll at 1100...a very early departure made possible by the kettle-phobic Tony Eason, who was kind enough to come in early to cover for me. Greatly appreciated, mate. Mind you, he probably left early too, ahem...

Usual nause of trying to work your way down through sunny Lancashire (no, really it was super weather) against dodgy surfaces, traffic lights and death-wish pedestrians. Mind you, if you lived in Wigan...

Sorry George, I'm sticking with the Pre-Fab Four 
The perennial Curse Of Wigan struck again with a puncture just south of the place: hope that it's my last one for a while. Just before that my sunglasses pretty much fell in half. Mind you, we weren't talking Oakleys here, hah-hah!

It ain't really some poor sod's driveway. Honest.
All ok after that if a little slow but that's alright in Friday rush-hour traffic. Gotta love the ingenuity of this Heath Robinson toll:

Plus I didn't have to cough up. Result!
Stoke was another highlight as ever: although it did provide a worthwhile inspiration to get a wiggle on and get to tonight's acco!

Once traffic died down it was pretty nice on the run in to Rugeley...
To be fair, I was ready to climb off the bike when 'The Shoulder' was in really is a locals' number, hence a couple of double-takes when this lycra monstrosity strode in. Maybe it was that unique and indescribable aroma too, hah-hah!
Actually a very hospitable number with good grub and ale so no dramas.

To be fair, there aren't any moors around here to keep clear of!
Alright then, that's it for stage one...safely does it. Big, bad day tomorrow but all being well, I'll waste some band-width posting more nonsense. Bet on it...cheers!

I will give £10 for every £50 that you do. Aside from that, there is one other thing that would help, if you can do it...please share this blog and/or the JG links with your pals/acquaintances/enemies.

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