Sunday, 13 July 2014

Exodus...Stage 3: R.A.H to Dover.

Struggled to think of anything more apt for today's mission to allez to Calais! Actually, stuff's a great tune anytime!

Must admit that I could have slept on a bit this morning but the lure of an Imperial College metrically-measured out Full English (Full? You're having a laugh!) was simply too great to resist...

No sign of Liz.

Mind you, today was a rest day really, and I am on holiday so bollocks to it...a-sauntering it will be! Actually it was a struggle getting set on the right course out of London, seeing as how a load of charity do-gooder types were generally disrupting the traffic. They make my blood boil...

I did get to ride down The Mall which is something that I have wanted to do for ever. Must admit that that is a bit sad really, although I almost managed to wing a couple of tourists too...

Mine. All mine.

Just missing Alan Beresford B'Stard MP.

I was the only cyclist on the A2 for the whole day, at least until about 5 miles from Dover. Like yesterday, Gawd bless The Romans: no muss, no fuss...let's go!

Garden? You sure? To be fair I did see a Dobbies later on.

No. Me neither.
The holiday theme continued when I met up with my sister and her entourage just outside Canterbury (a big thank you to Sue for a superbly generous donation!) for a pub lunch. This is what cycling should be like, hah-hah!

A big old thank you to Claire for Sunday lunch. I could've stayed a while longer!

Timed it right: a biblical David Gower ,followed by the water evaporating.

Hang on, we're leaving the country now: a bit late in the day to be telling me?

The only cyclist that I saw all day. Keep rolling, brother...

This left only 20 miles to Dover and those famous white cliffs. It never ceases to amaze just how many people (nevermind freight) to and fro between the UK and Yerup. Good to see.

There is nothing not to like in this photo!

My arse.

"They'll be bluebirds over the P&O terminal..."

Belgique headbangers/chartered surveyors.

So here ends a lazy Sunday, watching the WC final with commentary en francais. Still miles better than Townsend & Tyldesley, hah-hah!. Malarkey awaits tomorrow...see you then!

Gotta say, top grub onboard P & O's finest. Cheers!

While we're here, and I know that I say this quite a bit, but a massive thank you to you generous types who have donated to these causes. Good on you!

I will give £10 for every £50 that you do. Aside from that, there is one other thing that would help, if you can do it...please share this blog and/or the JG links with your pals/acquaintances/enemies.

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