Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Burning Down The House...Stage 6: Saint-Dizier to Dijon.

If you're not loving this one just thank you're lucky stars that I didn't choose SurTom & The Cardigans' effort. Crumbs of comfort, hah-hah!

As is always the way, the longer these journeys last, the later you feel able/inclined to start in the morning. The knock-on effect is that you'll finish that day's stage later and then have less time to recover and get your yourself in a position to tackle the next day's nonsense.

Anyway, at 0910 wagons roll and it's a constant source of fascination to me just how my Garmin GPS and my Michelin road map conspire during the night to concoct some half-ass routes...

Really? Good one.

You're having a laugh, right?

Right, eBay for you.

That said, I was soon going through some top-notch thanks to the machines. Hope they didn't hear that, les digital numbnuts/Daft Punk.

Regulstion TdF leftover...

S'alright I guess.

Lovely, lovely villages!

Had to stop for an "Allo, Allo" tribute.
I was mindful of the high temperatures (i.e. you have to eat and drink, no messing) so it was great to see a small marche open. I made my purchases and the lady asked where I was going: her expression was the same of the owner of my Calais hotel: "Oh really?".
In fact I think that I saw her lift the phone to speak to her sister as I left her store, hah-hah!

Afternoon tea is served. Orangina: the acceptable face of Fanta.

These guys were looning around for a while.

Er, some old buildings. Keep climbing...

On bridges, the road narrows a touch, so not to hold-up the traffic any more than necessary I will nip onto the footpath if that is a go-er. This was a long section (about 800m) and all was fine until near the end when...

Need chevrons. And a pannier removed!

No clue.

Sunflowers, oil rapeseed...loadsa colour!

I'm really tired, I can't do this. You can!

They even named an ice-cream after it?

There will be similar temperatures over the next days so I'll spare you my whining: that said, there is a perverse satisfaction in having given it almost everything. I say "almost" because you have to ride with one eye fixed on tomorrow. Defensive cobblers but true...

That said, I think a couple of motorists thought that I was attempting the world's longest track-stand on a long drag into Dijon...I think the plug had been pulled, well and truly, hah-hah!

Dijon trams avec le grass.

A reminder of their liberation.

Dijon cathedral. Looking right actha'!

And so begins the long, slow rehydration process. Goodnight!

While we're here, and I know that I say this quite a bit, but a massive thank you to you generous types who have donated to these causes. Good on you. You know that I'm busting my balls out there at times, so it's really appreciated.

I will give £10 for every £50 that you do. Aside from that, there is one other thing that would help, if you can do it...please share this blog and/or the JG links with your pals/acquaintances/enemies.


  1. Loving the blog, as usual. Esp the collection of signposts. Hope you're keeping something in reserve for the big day. Jonsey

  2. Signposts, you say? Stay tuned. More belters on the way, hah-hah!